Sunday, March 22, 2009

Preparedness Enrichment Night Ideas

This idea comes from Mountain View Branch.

**I would have a flyer/invitation that has a Noah’s Ark theme and design an invitation with that in mind. ( The one provided wouldn’t scan well...sorry!) It has the question on it “What would your family eat tonight if the power went out? If your answer is McDonald’s or Taco Bell then this event is for you!”

** The person in our branch that I would ask to be a key note speaker is Marva Walthall. She stays current with changes in food storage prices and recommended amounts that should be stored, etc. She is also knowledgeable about alternative methods to cook and functioning during emergency situations such as power outages.

** It would also be a good idea to invite a member of the local fire department or other similar agency to come speak about emergency response. We did this and it was really good to know how our local emergency responders would react during emergencies. They talked about some ways that we could be of assistance to them during disasters, as well as to ourselves until they can respond to our needs.

** A fun activity for this type of Enrichment Night is a "72-hour kit contest". Everyone that wants to participate brings their kits and displays all the contents in their kits on a table that is labeled with their name. Then you have your key note speaker (or another predetermined judge) evaluate the kits and give prizes (something preparedness orientated such as a flashlight, whistle, etc.) to the top 72 hour kits. This is also a good way to teach the rest of the sisters that didn't bring or have a 72 hour kit what needs to be done.

** You may want to ask sisters that have wheat grinders (especially hand crank ones) to bring them that night and then bring some wheat to be ground. Set up a table where sisters can come try grinding wheat into flour and get acquainted with that process and the different brands of grinders. Have several wheat recipes on the table to inspire them to try baking with whole wheat at home.

** For the refreshments, ask some sisters to bring something made out of their food storage items. We had some wonderful granola, taco mix made from wheat, breakfast cereal made out of sprouted wheat, raisins, coconut and other yummy tasters at our activity. The sisters also provided the recipe for what they brought.

** I would highly recommend referring to while planning an activity about preparedness. There is a lot of useful information there, including a link to the Home Storage Center Order Form.

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  1. Thank you Cindy forall your work. This will be fun!! sorry I haven't written before now